Keros - Thalasso Apartments and Maisonettes in Koufonisia, Zonaria


In one of the most spectacular parts of the island the "open-air" house of 150sq.m. is in constant "dialogue" with the waters of the Aegean. A house that respects everything the environment exudes; with nothing cliché to remind us of a summer residence.

It consists of two levels. In the first level, the living room, the dining room and the kitchen are located in the same area, which is completed with two bedrooms as well. Tints of white and blue colors play a "leading role", along with intense "ethnic" motifs such as handmade floor tiles from Damascus over the doors and windows that the owners brought back from their travels. The picture is completed with objects that have been selected with great care, many of which belong to the owner’s personal collection such as porcelain Italian coffee makers and teapots. A rug, dated on the previous century from Constantinople and heirloom of the family, adorns the staircase.

In the second level, the main bedroom has a huge wooden canopy bed that guarantees the absolute definition of summer slump. But what sets the tone in the home are the large terraces with pergolas, the built tables, the comfortable deck chairs and the panoramic view from Amorgos and Santorini. The countless shades of the blue of the sky and the sea "unfold" and "wrap" all the corners of the house with their aura.


Keros Photos